Highly respected by the lawyers, engineers, surveyors, soils scientists, site contractors and others...

“For more than 12 years, I have reviewed the numerous applications prepared by Keith Simpson for permission to construct in, and close to, environmentally sensitive areas.

His applications with supporting maps, drawings and documentations were extremely well prepared and his presentations before the agency were concise and thorough. He, and his office, responded to questions, comments and requests for further information from the agency in a most professional manner.

It was obvious to my agency that he was highly respected by the lawyers, engineers, surveyors, soils scientists, site contractors and other professionals with whom he was working in connection with these applications, which speaks well of his professional reputation and the enduring quality of his many projects.

Keith is a professional of the highest order and a true gentleman whose ethics, and honesty are above reproach.”

Former Chairman, Regulatory Agency, Connecticut

Extensive restoration and development of a 20+ acre property

“My wife and I have been privileged to work with Keith Simpson over the course of 20 years in the master planning and execution of an extensive restoration and development of our 20+ acre property.

This work has included the preservation of valuable trees and other original features on the property, the relocation of buildings, the construction of new driveways, ponds, a swimming pool, orchards, extensive terraces, walls, paths and steps, a substantial gazebo and stream and wetland enhancement along with the planting of numerous large and small trees.

Many small gardens have been created with extensive and beautiful landscaping. Keith Simpson is a remarkably talented Landscape Architect.”

Residential Property Owner, Connecticut

Skilled and sensitive subdivision planning involving difficult environmental matters.

“My partners and I have worked closely with Keith Simpson over a period of 20 years with respect to a large property which we owned in Connecticut.

Issues relating to this land, which we wanted to subdivide into building lots, involved many difficult environmental matters, including extensive wetlands, potential flooding, and very steep slopes.

This required skilled and sensitive planning not only for the subject property but for all the neighboring properties as well. In dealing with government officials and all parties involved, Keith exhibited outstanding technical knowledge which he brought to bear in a businesslike yet friendly way.

The obvious respect shown to him by other professionals involved in the matter attests to his understanding of the complex issues and his ability to deal effectively with a diverse group of people. Without qualification, I recommend Keith Simpson.”

Property Owner, Connecticut

Working with KESA has been an extraordinary design collaboration resulting in our property now surpassing our wildest dreams in its beauty

“In 1992 we purchased our home in Westchester County, when it was on 7 very steep acres, with impassable overgrowth and no landscaping at all.

Keith Simpson was then hired as the Master Planner for the property and over the next 15 years, he has planned and overseen the organization and expansion of the property to 14 acres which now includes a beautiful driveway, multiple connected levels with a guest house, pool and spa, pool house, a tennis court, many stone paths and steps, spectacular exposed rock formations, a vegetable garden with outbuildings, and extensive planting and landscaping.

In addition to designing this and overseeing the construction of the site work, Keith and his office obtained all the necessary governmental approvals by maintaining a high degree of concern and sensitivity to the local environment. As a result, the trust and respect accorded him by the boards and commissions charged with reviewing his work has been quite remarkable.

In our experience, Keith is a consummate gentleman and a man of great principle. Working with him and his office has been an extraordinary design collaboration resulting in our property now surpassing our wildest dreams in its beauty.”

Residential Property Owner, Westchester County, New York